Strong Minds Strong Bodies

Strong Minds Strong Bodies

Stress Management for Your Clients | taught by Jill Wener, MD

Course description

It’s no secret that a large portion of physical performance has to do with where your head’s at. From sports psychology to mindfulness for the masses, people now understand that the mental component to training is extremely important. But how can you as a personal trainer use this to make your clients even better? Jane has teamed up with Jill Wener, MD, founder of Conscious Health Meditation + Wellness, and stress reduction expert to provide you with an amazing course that will teach you the secrets of getting rid of stress and getting the most out of your meditative practice for optimal health.

Jill  Wener, MD
Jill Wener, MD
Founder of Conscious Health Meditation + Wellness

As a physician and teacher, Jill uses meditation and mindfulness as key tools in her holistic approach to wellness and stress management. In addition to teaching Conscious Health Meditation in numerous settings, she has presented on mindfulness for stress reduction. Jill has received tremendous personal benefits from her own meditation practice, and finds joy sharing her passion with others.

Course Curriculum

Basic Course Information
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Chapter 1: Background
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Chapter 2: How stress affects our physiology
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Chapter 3: Adaptation Energy
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Chapter 4: Interpretation
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Chapter 5: Changing our stress physiology
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Chapter 6: Stress reduction methods
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Chapter 7: Meditation
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Chapter 8: Summary
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